RDD ITALIA is an innovative start-up, established in January 2020 with the aim of transforming customers’ visions into exquisitely designed products that can be replicated on an industrial scale.

Our innovative and interdisciplinary approach combines the rich Apulian craftsmanship with cutting-edge technological advancements, redefining the art of design and industrialization.

By leveraging virtual reality and realistic 3D technologies, we are able to anticipate the prototyping phase, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of the final product. This approach not only minimizes the use of raw materials but also promotes sustainability. This enables us to offer the most optimal design solutions for industrialization, establishing a seamless connection between the creative process, the supply chain, and the final production. At RDD Italia, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creation and design, constantly evolving our processes to deliver excellence and innovation.

Processes and Production Areas

Our offices

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Customers all over the world

Executive Team

Vito D'Amato
Corrado Massimo
Project Manager
Cesaria Digregorio
Innovation Manager
Milena Pecoraro
Chief Marketing Officer
Milena Pecoraro
Chief Marketing Officer
Francesco Diaferia
3D & Virtual Reality Designer
Epifanio De Grazia
R&D Engineer
Antonella De Marco
Design and Business Development
Michelangelo Bove
R&D Manager
Hector Di Tano
Senior Product Designer
Giovanni Mancini
Unity Developer

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