Participation at “Autentico – Design Made in Puglia”

Published On: February 1st, 20241 min read

RDD Italia participated in “Autentico – Design Made in Puglia“, an event celebrating design made in Puglia, renowned for its authenticity and innovation.

From November 10th to 17th, 2023, R.D.D Italy took part in New York in this extraordinary immersive exhibition that exalts the excellence of Apulian design and architecture. This temporary exhibition is organized by the Section for Trade, Craftsmanship, and International Promotion of the Puglia Region, with the support of Puglia Sviluppo S.p.A. it aims to valorize the creativity, talent, and history of eleven companies and designers from Puglia, showcasing a selection of “made in Puglia” design products.

Puglia has always been an oasis of natural excellence, grown thanks to its unique geographical position between Europe and the Mediterranean. Over time, new skills, abilities, and technologies have merged with Apulian traditions, leading to new research and experimentation.

The resources and techniques of Apulian craftsmanship have been enriched with new values, bringing materials such as stone, textiles, metal, and ceramics to increasingly appreciated levels of quality and excellence worldwide.

“Autentico, Design Made in Puglia”, is an immersive experience in the Apulian excellence of design and architecture. Products, images, and suggestions present the shapes, ideas, and materials of Puglian design, embodying one of the most recognized and appreciated values of Puglia: authenticity.

Design made in Puglia is authentic and sustainable because it is an integral part of the land it expresses.

Our design product Ariu was featured as the cover in Design boom magazine.

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