RDD Italia Proudly Announces its Selection as a Winner of the Prestigious RIPARTI Grant Promoted by the Puglia Region

Published On: February 1st, 20242 min read

We are proud to announce that RDD Italia has been selected as one of the winners of the prestigious RIPARTI grant, promoted by the Puglia Region. This success highlights our constant commitment to innovation and research.

The RIPARTI grant, an initiative of the Puglia Region and ARTI (Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation), focuses on projects that link academic research with the business world. The goal is to strengthen the region’s research and development ecosystem, in line with the Smart Specialization Strategy of the Puglia Region.

With over 550 applications, the competition for the grant was intense. RDD Italia stood out with its innovative project aimed at promoting economic and technological development in Puglia through new virtual prototyping processes in the furniture sector.

This recognition is not only an important milestone for our company, but also an opportunity to significantly contribute to the socio-economic and industrial development of Puglia.

We are also pleased to share our recent academic contribution through the seminar “METAVERSI D’IMPRESA: Virtual Reality and Design Culture“, held at the Aldo Moro University of Bari.

This seminar represented an important platform to discuss the innovative opportunities offered by the metaverse and virtual reality in the business and design context. The event highlighted how these technologies are revolutionizing the way companies interact with customers and create unique experiences.

The seminar at Aldo Moro University was a key moment to share our vision on the potential of the metaverse in the business sector. Virtual reality and design culture are at the heart of our innovative approach, aiming to explore new frontiers in digital interaction and user experience.

We conclude by thanking the Puglia Region and ARTI for this incredible opportunity and for allowing us to contribute to the landscape of research and innovation in our beloved region.

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