Design and Analysis

One of the cornerstones of R.D.D. Italy is the development phase in which the results of tests and analyzes highlight the changes to be made to the project, materials, dimensions, shape and resistance before even realizing it.

Once all the components have been established, an effective cost assessment can be made. The informations generated with our prototyping systems allow us to define the actual production costs of the models with consequent control of margins.

Processes and Production Areas

3D Rendering

R.D.D. Numbers


Services and Operational Areas


Sqm of Production Areas


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Executive Team

Vito D'AmatoCEO
Chief Executive Officer
Massimo CorradoCTO
Chief Technical Officer
Giovanni Di CoratoCCO
Chief Creative Officer
Ing. Cesaria DigregorioCINO
Chief Innovation Officer
Michele PapangeloCOO
Chief Operating Officer
Milena PecoraroCMO
Chief Marketing Officer

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