3D Rendering

RDD Italia has refined modeling techniques to allow the use of 3D elements in every field including photography, creating photorealistic 3D renderings. Our experience allows us to take care of the light and the framing to make the image realistic in all its aspects. Particular attention is given to the materials, to the seams and above all to their softness which is recreated in every aspect.

Starting from the idea, from your projects or your intuitions, thanks to the presence in our team of young creatives and designers, the project can come to life.
The latest generation technologies and our skills allow the rapid visualization of your products. Through the three-dimensional construction of the piece and the photorealistic design you will have the opportunity to evaluate the product even before making it.

All this, in combination with our Benchmarking service, will give you the opportunity to evaluate the product and know its cost, before starting the prototyping.

This turns into a significant cost and temple savings.

We design and manufacture products and their settings through the stylistic definition and the choice of objects to obtain the best enhancement of the product.

We make it real.