The Engineering development starts with the definition of the dimension that represents the first technical input for the overall product development.

Engineering works simultaneously with Styling thanks also to the extensive use of the Virtual Reality Center, using CAD technologies. As soon as the sketches and renderings are completed, a team of engineers carry out simultaneous verifications on surfaces to verify the technical feasibility and coherence with the product targets.

The simulations and 3D tests allow to verify the construction details by evaluating any structural criticalities. They allow to monitor the movements of mechanics and other accessories, evaluating in advance any collisions or interference.

The requirements manufacturing product always are taken into account to guarantee the technological feasibility in the production plants.

The integration between Engineering and Styling, with the simultaneous exchange and full sharing of information and data (common database), allows the optimization of the development times and costs.

RDD Italia works in full integration with the customer “Process Technology and Manufacturing” to ensure that the technical solutions are feasible and can be manufactured and put into production, examining their compatibility with the production methods and equipment used in the production plants. The different component suppliers are fully integrated and managed according to the product scheduling plan agreed with the customer.

The Virtual Room is in real time continuously updated to check are all Customer requests fulfilled.


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