Stylists interpret the functional aspect of design, creating forms and volumes that meet production needs. There is no aesthetic solution that is not also implicitly a technical and design solution, aimed at devising sofas, chair, bed, furniture that can be mass produced.

Starting with the customer’s brief, styling research prepares freehand sketches and drafts both, showing the features of the sofa, chair, furniture e various components. The research study continues with the development of 3D advanced modelling software; these three-dimensional virtual models, which also allow animations, interactive management and full scale moving simulations, are used to directly produce the styling models and prototipe.

The finishing and modification work is instead left to the dexterity of the modellers, who add craftsmanship to technology, paying attention to the minutest detail. To allow the best design solutions to be studied, the models are produced in their natural size and with different materials.

The models allow to assess both the design and the quality of de product and comfort. Minimal changes to the model are shown in 3D to ensure alignment with the virtual model.